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Rent of machinery: Ensure the operation in your plant by renting filling systems for a period of time. There is no need to have large investments approvals, since you will pay monthly for its use. There is no need for long waits, because the filling equipment already exists and therefore you should not wait for it to be manufactured.

Purchase of used filling systems: AiCROV may be interested in purchasing used filling systems, depending on the approval of a facultative financial feasibility study. In the case of being approved, you can capitalize your industrial assets beyond the useful life of your plant, obtaining for these industrial assets a residual income that will benefit you in future industrial investments.

Sale of used filling systems: Ask AiCROV about the availability of used filling systems for those first end-of-line investments, for which the purchase of a new filling system is impossible due to any reason. An AiCROV filling system is durable and reliable, and therefore more than one owner can benefit from all AiCROV technology, giving a second life to existing systems, at a better acquisition cost.

Either rental, purchase and sale of used machinery helps with the possibility of making industrial investments in a more flexible way and in a reasonable cost, always with the AiCROV guarantee. The scope of these services is logically subject to the existing used equipment park. Contact the AiCROV sales area to obtain more information about it.

New machinery financial renting: Financial renting service allows you to acquire a new equipment, through the payment of fees according to a plan specifically designed between the financial entity and you. In this way, you can adapt your settlements according to your cash flow forecasts, from the beginning of the filling system design contract. In this case, not only the filling system is perfectly adapted to your production needs, but also the payment system is also adapted to your financial needs.

Payment per container: This innovative payment service allows you to incorporate a filling system according to your productive necessities, and also pay for the satisfactory use of it, being able to harmonize filling costs in proportion to your packaging needs.

Export financing: AiCROV can help you to manage the application process for export financial aids, with a market financial cost. Buy our filling systems for your international subsidiaries with absolute security to participate in a government program defined for this purpose.


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Aicrov's core business is fulfilling your needs in container filling, palletizing and conveying.

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Filling equipment for all industrial sectors
The equipment is designed to suit any type of container. This includes jugs, carafes, basins, buckets, tins, drums, barrels bottles and pots. It also serves many industries and so can be used for food and drink industry as well as for the pharmaceutical industry and any others. They can be used for all manner of things including food, drink, corrosives, chemicals, chlorine, algae, adhesives. Oils, corrosives, flammables, lubricants, silicones’, fats, acids, herbicides, resins, pigments. Detergents, foam products, fats and many more.

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