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Aicrov About Us

pic1Our History
AiCROV started up in 2005 with the aim of providing a comprehensive engineering and maintenance service to all companies with filling machinery.
porqueWhy AiCORV?
Filling projects are our goal. We study, project and plan the possibilities we can offer to our customers by developing personalized projects in which we assure efficiency and production.
experienciaOur experience
Our machines are currently by filling different products such as food, feedstuff , chemical, pharmaceutical , acids , corrosives , pesticides, and at different temperatures, atex areas and common areas.


Our references

Custom Drum Filling Equipment to Meet Your Business Needs

AiCROV is a company that offers engineering and maintenance services to companies that need drum filling systems or machines. We understand how hard it might be to find the equipment you need that’s why we work with every client individually. Our engineers carefully study every project before they come up with a certain plan and design that will suit your business the most. We aim to make your business more productive and ensure the safety of the employees, who will work with our drum filling machines.

Who are Our Customers?

Currently, our equipment is used for a wide range of products such as food, drinks, chemicals, oil, chlorine, and others. The filling machines are manufactured to fill various types of containers: drums, IBC, totes, pails, and canisters. Therefore, if you have business in petrochemicals, chemicals, logistics or food industry, our services might be necessary for you. Unlike other drum filling equipment manufacturers, we custom-build our equipment to meet your business needs, that’s why we don’t doubt that with our machines your industry will become more productive and successful.

AiCROV Services

If you entrust us to design a drum filling station for your company, you will receive the whole package of services that go with it. It includes:
  • Teleservice and technical assistance. We provide 24-hour teleservice to make sure that our drum filling equipment always works properly. Our experienced technicians diagnose them, test, and take measures, in case it’s necessary. Owing to this service, we ensure customers’ safety and minimize maintenance expenses.
  • Optimization. We are aware that at a certain point our equipment may need optimization to meet your productivity needs. Moreover, like any other kind of machinery, it gets worn out with time. For this reason, we provide upgrading of our filling equipment to make sure it remains up to your business requirements and standards.
  • Inspection and maintenance. The company conducts regular inspection of its equipment and provides preventative maintenance to optimize durability and prolong the life of its machines.
  • Spare parts. Along with our main products, we offer spare parts and accessories for our food, chemicals, and oil drum filling machines. Their high quality and design ensure long-term service of the filling equipment.

Why you should choose us

AiCROV is one of the top drum filling machine manufacturers in Spain. Our engineers and maintenance staff regularly undergo professional development training to ensure efficiency and productivity of the equipment you buy. We strive to be innovative and creative as our customers’ satisfaction is our #1 priority. AiCROV is committed to keeping the environment clean, that’s why our waste materials used for construction process are recyclable. If you need to buy drum filling equipment for your business, have no doubt that AiCROV will be able to make you the most beneficial offer. Give us a call at +34 977 206 391 or contact us via e-mail. Tell us about your business needs. We will be happy to answer your questions and find the most suitable solution.

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AiCROV launches a new version of its well-known range of Plug&Fill fillers designed specifically for companies that need a simple liquid filling system, easy to install and use, the LC series. The AiCROV LC systems offer a solution focused on the filling function and are the most suitable filling…
chemtech achema india drumfilling


AICROV Directors and in its representation Albert Rovira, CEO, and Josep Serra, Sales & Marketing Director, were invited to join the Chemtech India Day Seminar 2018, which took place in the Achema Show last June. AiCROV was invited by Jasubhai Corporation as AiCROV business partner for the…


AiCROV has celebrated today the AiCROV 4.0 Journey attended by customers, suppliers, partners, family and friends. The reason of this event is the presentation of the new AiCROV 4.0. The AiCROV 4.0 concept is defined as the Re-Evolution of the company in 2 steps: a Re-Evolution of the product and a…

BNB Engineers & Consultants from Mumbai have visited Aicrov's

BNB Engineers & Consultants from Mumbai, concretely Mr. B.N. Bankapur, Mr. Sampath Kumar, and Mr. Ajai Juneja, have visited Aicrov's new facilities, last 16th of June. The relationship between AiCROV Smart Filling and BNB Engineers started two years ago, working around big filling projects of the…


 bulk filling

Aicrov's core business is fulfilling your needs in container filling, palletizing and conveying.

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Filling equipment for all industrial sectors
The equipment is designed to suit any type of container. This includes jugs, carafes, basins, buckets, tins, drums, barrels bottles and pots. It also serves many industries and so can be used for food and drink industry as well as for the pharmaceutical industry and any others. They can be used for all manner of things including food, drink, corrosives, chemicals, chlorine, algae, adhesives. Oils, corrosives, flammables, lubricants, silicones’, fats, acids, herbicides, resins, pigments. Detergents, foam products, fats and many more.